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If asked to identify the typical Kenomee Log Home owner – there would be no simple answer.  Our clients are from ” all walks of life –  from near and far”.    Over the last 33 years, we have manufactured homes not only for clients in Canada, but also for families and businesses in the US, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Russian and the UK – all having the same goal in mind, to find a trusted partner that can provide a quality product at a competitive price.
Many of our clients spent what seemed a lifetime dreaming about their log home before we helped them it a reality.      Perhaps this is you.  Maybe you’re finally ready to sell the house in the city; ready to downsize and build your retirement home.    You are now mortgage free and you want to stay that way !  You don’t want a log home that requires a lot of maintenance. (low maintenance is another Kenomee advantage)

This modified Frontier plan is a great choice for an affordable retirement home.  Designed to be built on a slab.(no stairs!)   Room for the kids and grandkids, but not too big – you do just want them to visit !

Standard (photo) and Revised (plan) Frontier Model

Maybe your hard work has paid off – and you are in the position to develop that piece of waterfront property – your dream home, a retreat for you and the family, the log home you’ve been designing and redesigning forever it seems.   (if you need help with designing a custom plan, please contact us or check out our standard plans for some ideas).
Perhaps you are a developer and have the perfect parcel of land suited for log homes ! ( Manitoba) or Maybe you’re in the tourist business. Who doesn’t want to stay in a Log Cabin or at a Log Lodge !

Or perhaps your a Builder or Contractor and you would like to work with logs – to be able to add log home building to your repertoire. We ship log home kits all over the place – perhaps in your neighborhood ! Contact us at: if you are interested in building our

Whatever your Log Home Dream – you Dream and we Deliver !

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