Standard plans –  Log Home Kit prices.



Below you’ll find a variety of our standard plans, from small cottages to larger homes.  These plans are provided to give you an idea of price range based on our standard log home kit package, or what we like to  call our “Weather Tight Shell” package.   Prices are provided using 6,7 and 8 inch diameter Northern White Cedar logs.  For details of the materials and services  included in our complete “WTS” package, please take a look at our Material List. 


These designs are only a few samples of the homes and cottages built by Kenomee customers over the past 35 years. There are many factors that come in to play when choosing a plan: lifestyle, property features, individual needs and budget – just to name a few. Therefore it stands to reason, that many of the homes we put out each year, originate from custom plans. Should you have a plan in mind,  maybe a revised version of one of our standard plans, something you’ve sketched yourself, or perhaps a plan from another source – please contact us to discuss your ideas – often we can prepare a detailed quotation based on a simple preliminary sketch.



model Square feet 6″ Logs 7″ Logs 8″ Logs Plans
 Margaree Margaree I 378 Sq. Ft. $26,904 $28,123 $29,995 Margaree I Floor Plan
Margaree Margaree II 576 Sq. Ft. $34,560  $36,097  $38,554 Margaree_II_2
Wentworth Wentworth 624 Sq. Ft. $37,226  $38,838  $41,417 Wentworth_2
pioneer Pioneer 816 Sq. Ft. $42,360  $44,241  $47,250 Pioneer_2
beechwood Beechwood 960 Sq. Ft.  $50,798  $53,035  $56,614 Beechwood_2
Alpine Alpine 1080 Sq. Ft.  $50,619  $52,829  $56,367 The Alpine Floor Plan
Nouvelle Nouvelle 1456 Sq. Ft.  $59,802  $62,356  $66,441 Nouvelle_2
Frontier Frontier 1644 Sq. Ft.  $66,919  $69,877  $74,610  Frontier_2
enfield The Enfield 1580 Sq. Ft.  $79,281  $82,664  $88,077  Enfield_2
Goose_Pond Goose Pond 1980 Sq. Ft.  $82,587  $85,903  $91,209  Goose_Pond_2
CornerBrook The Cornerbrook
(no garage)
2094 Sq. Ft.  $81,171  $84,333  $89,391  CornerBrook_A_2
fundy Fundy 2160 Sq. Ft.  $74,396  $77,553  $82,603  Fundy_2
Newport Newport 2160 Sq. Ft.  $78,562  $81,633  $86,547  Newport_2
Atlantica Atlantica 2450 Sq. Ft.  $105,444  $110,082  $117,503  Atlantica_2
CornerBrook The Cornerbrook II
(with garage +bonus room)
3342 Sq. Ft.  $112,985  $117,617  $125,029  Conerbrook_B_2
Wolfeboro Wolfeboro 3442 Sq. Ft.  $150,924  $157,446  $167,881  Wolfeboro_2
Ottawa Ottawa 4504 Sq. Ft.  $146,987 $152,955  $162,505  Ottawa_2
Falcon Nest (New plan, perfect size for a cottage or small home – please contact us) 832 Sq. Ft. $46,386 $48,299 $51,779

Prices are net of tax and freight.

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