The Kenomee Difference

Incorporated in 1981 (that’s 35 yrs of experience!) Kenomee Log Homes is a family owned and operated Canadian business.  Since the day we opened our doors, it was, it is, and it will continue to be our mission to put forth in the market a truly affordable, quality cedar log home. Add to this our ‘no high pressure, honest and caring service’, and you’ve got the whole package – “it all stacks up” .
Now , we don’t know at this point how much research you’ve done on log home companies – and yes it can be somewhat overwhelming at times – but we’re sure you’ll agree that to make an educated decision as to which log home company to build with, you really should investigate :

what type of wood is used?
what log profile/joinery system/ log size is offered?
what’s included in the package?

You’ll probably find that many log home companies offer pine logs – this is because pine is readily available. At Kenomee we mill our logs from only quality White Cedar – the preferred wood for log home construction because of the many structural advantages it offers when compared to pine. This in short is what you should know about …


white cedar …

  • white cedar has the highest “R” factor of logs used in log home construction = MORE energy efficient
  • white cedar is naturally insect resistant = NO chemical treatment or kiln drying required to get rid of bugs !
  • white cedar is the driest wood off the stump in NA = LENDS itself to natural air drying which is always preferred over kiln dried logs.
  • white cedar grows very slowly as evident by white cedar’s tight growth rings and is not prone to splintering = VERY MINIMAL checking, warping, shrinkage and settling = NO need for adjusting of screws, bolts, springs to compensate for settling and shrinkage. white cedar is naturally resistant to rot, mould and mildew = LONG LIFE and MINIMAL MAINTENANCE

Log Profile:

  • Kenomee offers a true-round log – precision turned (within 1/32 of an inch), available in 6,7 and 8 inch diameters – and each log contains only the HEARTWOOD of the log = superior structural characteristics (less likely to twist/check/warp)
  • Our joinery is an insulated double tongue& groove compression seal system , with dove-tail splines at the butt ends,and full saddle notched corners = a tight fitting sealed joint = energy efficient .
  • Unlike a Square ‘log” our round profiled log exposes only one growth ring to the elements more durable product.
  • Precision turning to 1/32 of an inch combined with minimal settling and shrinkage = problem free installation of kitchen cabinets and picture hanging
  • Our logs are pre-cut, easy to handle and install = No consuming onsite cutting, NO expensive
    crane time required to install the logs.

Our Package:

  • Our standard Weather Tight Shell package is complete and builder friendly.
  • Our standard package includes structural drawings (with details) reviewed and engineered stamped, ready for permit.
  • We include a Construction Manual
  • We include 16 hours free of charge with an experienced builder to help with the installation of the logs walls. Once the logs are up, any competent carpenter/builder can take over. Where clients need help locating a builder to complete the job – we can often help out.
  • With Kenomee there is no middle man, we control the quality and the price – all prices are mill-direct.
  • In addition to our Weather Tight Shell package – we offer an Interior Package, as well as a variety of Optional items.
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